Brief summary of Adventurers

What is Adventurers?

Adventurers is a NFT project on Ethereum from the team that brought you Mythicals. It will be a utility-first project.
Adventurers delivers holders sustainable utility in the form of monthly paychecks in exchange for their work ('work to earn').
Each Adventurers NFT will feature a beautiful pixelart artwork.


Adventurers is a Work-to-Earn NFT and will use its treasury (minting revenues, secondary market fees & other revenue sources) to pay holders for their work every month.
Payments will be airdropped in $ETH to eligible workers every month. This way minters and all holders in general are protected from ever taking a loss (even if the value of the NFT itself goes to 0) if they just hold the NFT long enough (and do the required work every month) to receive ongoing $ETH payments that cover their entry price.
We are all about transparency and lay out exactly how we are planning to do these things. Once you read about how treasury funds are allocated and exactly how additional value is driven to the project by its holder base, you will also understand how the economics are sustainable.
With this documentation we want to focus on educating our future community and potential holders so everybody can make an informed decision before mint.

Discord and whitelist

The project's mechanics go way beyond the typical NFT project, so please read through the entire documentation carefully. You will need to go through our application (a questionnaire) in order to get full access to our Discord and you will need to understand the documentation in order to pass.
We only want to attract long-term holders and build a strong community, that's why applications are open for everyone (and you will be accepted if you go through this document and show us at least a willingness to understand the concept in your replies).
Please note that we are not jumping on the 'application meta train', our previous project Mythicals actually invented the application mechanics for NFT projects back in March 2022.
The application process serves two purposes: Firstly, you will find out for yourself if you like what we are doing here (we give you all the information upfront so you can make an informed decision) and if you want to be a part of the project. Secondly, everyone who makes it into the Discord will be on the same page and understand the concept so we can have interesting discussions and don't have to constantly repeat the basics.

Closing remarks

Our team has a track record of delivering exactly what was promised. Almost 700 ETH has been raised with our previous project Mythicals and we have been paying eligible holders for their work since the beginning.
Our treasury strategy does not rely on ponzinomics or farming the latest inflationary token. The treasury strategy only relies on sustainable sources of profits and a growing crypto market in general. The success of Adventurers will rely on the continued marketing efforts of its holder base to generate profits and the deployment of the initial treasury into sustainable protocols which are driven by the general market's growth and volume.